Warning Miracle


  by John Klee



Here is what it's all about.  The people who make this novel a great read!



The Characters




Dexter Griffith




     Dexter Griffith is a robotics engineer and entrepreneur who just wants to earn his first billion, if he can only bring "Bobby," a humanoid policeman, to market.  He's got an engineering degree from Stanford in his pocket and is on the verge of  giving the world its first mass-market mechanical man, when he meets Thad Rankin, a taxi driver who can't quit talking about The Warning and The Miracle.  After Dexter starts having regular meetings with Thad's cousin, Father Rankin, he starts to question life and God and The Warning, The Miracle, and everything in between.




Thad Rankin




     Thad Rankin just wants to get a real job and graduate from driving a taxi, which he's been doing ever since he was forced onto the disability dole by a medical problem.  As long as he's a cabbie, though, he's determined to preach to his passengers about Coming World Events, like The Warning and The Miracle.  Life gets a little more interesting after he develops a friendship with Dexter and Cheryl Hoffman, two of his taxi fares.




Cheryl Hoffman




     Cheryl Hoffman would be happy if only she could find the right man.  After she breaks up with her latest boyfriend on a vacation to Hilton Head, she comes back to Columbus to discover that she might just have the way to obtain The Perfect Relationship.  It's not till she meets Thad Rankin, the taxi driver, that she starts to discover what love really means.




Kevin Conaway




     What more can a guy want than to be the starting quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes?  Well, Kevin wants more.  He's in his senior year in college and life isn't too bad till he promises his girlfriend that if they win the National Championship, he'll marry her.  He starts to question if he will be picked in the draft and if he really wants to play ball in the pros.  What happens in the final game of his college career starts to change him and the whole country as well.