Warning Miracle







  by John Klee


"Warning Miracle is a book of deep religious significance that will keep you thinking from beginning to end."


"Author Klee has produced a thrilling novel rich in detail about 'The Warning'..."






     It's the 24th year of the Third Millennium and who isn't just a little concerned about the future of the world?  This novel is one view of what might occur in the near future.  The "Left Behind" series of books has entertained millions of readers over the last two decades or so, but now it's time for the all new "Right in Front" series of books.  Warning Miracle takes the best of what visions, apparitions, locutions, and the Book of Revelation have been telling humankind over the last two centuries and "puts a smile on the End Times."






     The basic events of the End Times as outlined by numerous messages from the Almighty are these:  The Warning, The Miracle, The Chastisement, and The Period of Peace.  Wait, you may say...what does all that mean?  Well, in simple terms, Warning Miracle covers the first two of these predicted events: The Warning and The Miracle.  In the Warning, all people on earth will be shown the state of their souls as God sees them.  This event will happen to everyone on earth at the same time, and will last approximately 15 minutes.  Following the Warning, there will occur The Miracle, a supernatural event that will transpire at several places around the world.  This novel covers one such place.  The whole point of all these predicted events is to help people to Get Right With God.  That's what we all want anyway, right?  And if God and religion aren't something that you're too convinced of, this novel addresses that as well.  This book takes the reader through the end of this age, not the end of the world.






     That, in a nutshell, is the essence of this novel.  As one Saint has written:  "Isn't it true that as soon as you accept the Cross, all your sufferings, whether physical or moral, pass away?"  Why not learn what's in store for the world, accept it, and watch as all your sufferings, physical or moral, pass away?  This is a good-times novel with a good-times ending.  It covers some serious topics, but everything works out for the greater good.






406 pages, paperback, 6" x 9"




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